Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly Otherwise...

Ladies, let's cut down the waffle, makeup brushes need to be kept hygienic as with anything that touches our bare skin! 

Maybe it may not sound as a big deal but keeping makeup brushes clean on regular basis you will be able to:

  • maintain softness and longevity of the brushes
  • remove any residual makeup, dirt and oils
  • prevent the risk of bacteria

How often?

This may come down to each individual on how often uses the makeup brushes.

However as a rule of thumb every week and for those who suffer of acne it is best to clean them after each makeup application!

There are 2 ways how to do it:

1. Using SMAK Manual Cleaning Kit

The manual kit is cheap and practical! It comes with 1 Cleaning Pad (choose from 4 different colours) and 1 100% Cotton Towel which is highly water absorbent.

Cleaning Routine Tips

  1. Use an Anti-bacterial hand soap or baby shampoo
  2. Squeeze a dollop of gentle shampoo / soap on the Cleaning Pad above the sink
  3. Gently soak the brush in the warm running tap water
  4. Swirl your brushes through the pad bristles to remove the gunk
  5. Rinse with clean warm water and carefully squeeze the water out
  6. Once you have all your brushes rinsed, take one by one and swirl each brush on the Cotton Towel, which will absorb the excess water.
  7. Keep the brushes in a holder rack over night to accelerate the drying process.

SMAK Manual Cleaning Kit

2. Using SMAK Pro Cleaning Kit

This innovating product works wonders within seconds. Not only that saves you lots of time but can dry your brushes in a blink of an eye. So you get to use them like new straight away.

Cleaning Routine Tips

  1. Pour warm water in the bowl until it reaches a level enough to dip in the bristles
  2. Squeeze a bit of antibacterial soap 
  3. Insert the brush in the holding head
  4. Turn on the Handle and dip in the brush
  5. Once it gets clean, softly rise the brush so it removes the excess water while still spinning...usually within 30 seconds
  6. Turn off the Handle and place the brush aside...ready to use!

SMAK Pro Cleaning Kit

The Pro Kit comes with an instructions manual and also USB cable for charging.


Purchase SMAK Cleaning Kits Here 

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