Featured MUA: Bryanna Angel


  Full name   
Bryanna Angel Allen

Bry or Angel 

  Most used social media 
Instagram  @bryanna_angel_mua

  Where are you based?  
Hastings in Eastsussex, UK

  Qualified or self taught MUA 
I’m full media trained in media makeup (tv, film, theatre and fashion), hair, wig making, barbering, SFX , airbrush, lash extensions and nails.
  When did you realise you were passionate about makeup and why? 
I think I always did, when young I loved playing with colours and textures mixing makeups, layering products, encouraged by a family of creative, I tried other occupations as a young adult but always came back to makeup so I decided in my 20s my passion was too strong to ignore and set off on a career of learning.
  MUA idol  
My ultimate hero has always been Allan “Whitey” Snyder, the personal makeup artist to The iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe, the man was a genius, despite the misconception that contouring is a modern trend this man was the brains behind the contour we use today. Applying shading to change face shapes adding highlights to accentuate the highest and best points of the face and body, Such a beautiful intelligent creative who understood faces effortlessly.


  What do you love the most about being a MUA?
Change and everything about it, being able to change a face shape or texture with the use of products or a brush, to see light and shade when I look at someone to change the high points or depth on there structure and to show mood and expression in the tones and colours, it’s magic!
  Top 3 beauty products  
1. Daniel Sandler water based blush  it’s so smooth and pigmented it glides on and so easy to blend.
2. Danessa Myricks foundation it’s  amazing it makes nearly any skin tone and texture flawless and the coverage can be changed when mixed with oil.
3. Charlotte Tilbury’s triple bar of gold palette I’m obsessed with it’s beautiful and the 3 colours match any skin tone.


  Beauty tip  
Baby oil on a pointed q tip .... cleans up any eyeliner or red lipstick to give a straight even line.




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