Synthetic Vs. Natural Makeup Brush Hairs

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right makeup brushes? With so many makeup brushes out there is hard to know the difference between them, except of course the price!?

Perhaps is no longer a secret, but achieving a flawless makeup application is not only dependent on the cosmetic products used such as primer or foundation but in fact using the right makeup brushes can utterly change the way you look.

The aesthetics of the makeup brushes are definitely a big factor when deciding to purchase them but most importantly it is the quality, the texture and the feel of the hairs that makes us want them.

What you should know before purchasing your makeup brushes

There are two types of makeup brush hairs that are out there: synthetic and natural.

Below is a brief comparison between the two:

  Synthetic Natural
Origins man-made animal hair
Made of nylon, polyester fibers or tyclon pony or goat hairs
Best used for foundation, liquids, cream textures powders, blushers, eyeshadows 

don't absorb product excessively 

great pick-up and blending properties


Whether the bristles are synthetic or natural the quality grader is what ultimately makes the texture of the brushes differ in softness and price:

BJF - is the most used for goat hair and many popular brands such as MAC, Morphe or Zoeva use it.  

BSF - is the best quality for synthetic hairs. 


All SMAK's makeup brushes use the BJF goat hairs and the BSF synthetic hairs! 


rose imperial

...So which brushes you should use?

Most professional brush sets such as the ones in our Rose Imperial Collection come in combination of both natural and synthetic hairs in order to achieve optimal results.

Nonetheless synthetic hairs, also known as vegan friendly, are now as equally good as animal hair in holding and blending properties as long as they are BSF graded.

Essentially, it comes down to personal preference and trial and error...but the great news is that quality brushes doesn't mean high price tag.

At SMAK Brushes we are committed to offer both best quality and best value products!

If you are not convinced check out our customer reviews
or if you have any questions drop us a line!


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If you used our makeup brushes we would love to know which ones you prefer the most and why! 

SMAK xxx

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